Summary : The Winner’s Curse

Thoughts : 

  1. NO matter how smart/intelligent/observant you are, you ought to be stupid/naive sometimes. ( Kestrel for trusting Arin so easily by telling him everything )
  2. Do NOT judge someone  based on their appearance only. ( Arin appears to be a slave, but secretly he plans to take down the Valorian empire )
  3. Try NOT to make hasty decision. ( Kestrel for purchasing Arin during the slave auction )
  4. It’s okay to be weak physically, anyhow should at least have mental toughness. ( Kestrel sailed west to look for help informing the General about the Herran rebellion )  
  5. Friends who stood by you always are the best kinds. ( Kestrel can count on Jess and Ronan to be there for her always ) 
  6. Can’t constantly have the best of both worlds. ( Arin – Herrani people and Kestrel )
  7.  Good guys don’t usually gets the girl. ( Kestrel rejected Ronan’s marriage proposal )

Flaws :

The LOVE square ?? Like it’s not already hard enough to ship either Arin & Kestrel or Ronan & Kestrel. Yet, they just have to throw some random marriage proposal from the Emperor asking Kestrel to wed his son. ( not really a flaw but i cannot…..)  OMG….. All and all it’s okay.

Rating : 4/5 stars

Overall :

An enjoyable insta love read which did not really focus on the romance so much, but more on the plot development. ( Arin still continued his plan and didn’t back down for the sake of his affections towards Kestrel ) Which i secrtely hoped for, but nevertheless it would be kinda cliche to do that anyway. 

* Can’t wait to dive into book 2 *


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