Summary : Rebel of the Sands

Characters :

  1. Amanihas a pair of blue eyes, which Jin refers to traitor’s eyes ; orphan, currently staying at her uncle’s place ; top gun shooter with amazing aiming; don’t want to wed her uncle Asid ; trying to run away to Izman to find her aunt Safiyah ; thinks Izman will give her a better life than Dustwalk ;  Blue-Eyed Bandit/Oman/Alidad were her nickname/name in the book other than Amani ; a Demdji, has special ability in them and can only speak the truth, for Amani her’s was controlling the sands ; Noorsham’s sister. ( A strong character
  2. JinSultan’s sixth son ; real name is Ajinahd ;  Ahmed and Naguib’s brother ; met Amani at Deadshot ; hates Miraji but stayed for the sake of Ahmed ; his nose was broken by Shazad once ; carries a broken compass with him all the time ; likes Amani. ( WOW  I have really nothing else to say about him. )
  3. Ahmedthe Rebel Prince ; heir to the throne ; the Sultan’s fifth son ;  wants to take down the Sultan ; has a sister who is half Djinn, Delila ; built up a following in Izman. ( SAME GOES FOR HIM AS WELL )
  4.  ShazadA strong fighter ; broke Jin’s nose ; Amani’s friend ; Sultan’s chief general, General Hamad’s daughter ; known Bahi since six years old. ( Nothing much about her too )
  5.  BahiCaptain of the head army, Captain Reza’s son ; the holy boy ; likes Shazad ; known Shazad since they were six years old ; died in the hands of Noorsham. ( Bye Bahi
  6. NoorshamNaguib’s men ; Amani’s brother ; killed Bahi and Naguib ; a Demdji with power to burn anything he wishes ; went missing after killing Naguib. ( See you in book 2 then )

Individual characters quotes : 

  1. ‘We just be living to die another day.’Amani 
  2. ‘You are this country, Amani.’ More alive than anything ought to be in this place. All fire and gunpowder, with one finger always on the trigger.’Jin 
  3. ‘You leave at dawn.’Ahmed
  4. ‘I’m a girl who could’ve done just anything if I’d been a boy.’Shazad
  5. ‘If you hurt her you will burn in hell.’Bahi
  6. ‘This city’s not the one that ought to burn.’Noorsham

Flaws : Too many names to keep track throughout the book and side characters to remember. 

Rating : 4/5 stars 

Overall : Action packed story line that involves plenty of escaping and surviving. 

*expecting much more action in book 2 after reading book 1*


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