SummaryThe Winner’s Crime

Thoughts :

  1. I hate the FREAKING EMPEROR of Valoria. ( Please die in book 3 )
  2. No love square, I was wrong about that. ( No Ronan and No Verex only Arin & Kestrel. Thank God )
  3. Mixed feelings for Roshar and The Eastern Queen. ( Could they be trusted though….)
  4. When Arin kissed The Queen. (I was like dude don’t use her to forget Kestrel, not a smart move. Thus, you will never forget her )
  5. Kestrel and Verex ( Thought he will eventually fall in love with her but no he likes someone else ( Risha ). Nevertheless, love their friendship )
  6. Jess ( URGH……. What kind of best friend are you ??? Kestrel saved your god damn life man at least listen to what she had to say )
  7. Ronan ( Douche bag…… I know i know Kestrel broke your heart by rejecting your marriage proposal and liking someone she should have but don’t be such an ass towards her, like you guys known each other since forever )
  8. Kestrel ( LIES LIES LIES………….. So mad at her for not letting Arin know that she’s the MOTH )
  9. General Trajan ( …….. the last few pages just made me HATE him )

Flaws : Too many misunderstandings between Arin & Kestrel ( Not really a flaw though but URGH….)

Rating : 4/5 stars

Overall : T’was a good book. A bit disappointing with some of the characters and that ENDING IN THE BOOK. MAN……..

*book 3, I’m coming for you*


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